• Sweet Song ft. Crosby        6/16/2017          YUTMAN RECORDS

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  • Camp Reggae                     9/21/2017           YUTMAN RECORDS

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  • TRUST.                               12/12/2017          YUTMAN RECORDS

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  • 8 Billion People                 12/12/2018           YUTMAN RECORDS

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  • More Fyah Riddim              2/1/2019              YUTMAN RECORDS

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Press texts:

“Sweet Song” is Jon Moon’s first single of his upcoming debut album “TRUST.”

After years of songwriting and homerecording as well as learning about Rastafari he decided to go to a studio and compile his songs in an album. Most of the riddims were then recorded live by Josi “BigFinga” Coppola and his friends from Gentleman’s “Evolution Band”. German Producer Ganjaman mixed and mastered the album.

After visiting South Africa, especially Cape Town several times his love for Rasta and Reggae increased, so it is not surprising “Sweet Song” is a feature with Crosby, one of South Africa’s most talented Reggae Artists. On the spot they shot a video in Cape Town, which was released with the digital single Junge 16th 2017 on Reggaeville’s YouTube channel. The video has now reached close to 175,000 views.

Inspired by recent Jamaican Roots Reggae productions Jon Moon delivers a refreshing uptempo song with a bass that keeps you moving!

“Sweet Song” was released by “Yutman Records” and is available in all online platforms.


“Camp Reggae“ is Jon Moon’s second single after “Sweet Song” (ft. Crosby) and another taste of his debut album “TRUST.”
The tune is a slow, almost old-fashioned One-Drop with a thick bass and trombone-section, but at the same time a tender declaration of love!
The riddim was played by Josi “Big Finga” and his colleagues again, mixed and mastered by Ganjaman in Berlin, while the video was shot at the Mtentu River, South Africa.

“Camp Reggae” was released by “Yutman Records”, September 21st 2017 and is available on all online platforms.

Exactly one year after releasing his debut album Jon Moon publishes his next single & music video.

While his longplayer „TRUST.“ was mostly a rootsy Reggae album, “8 Billion People” has diefferent, heavier sound, filled with snythesizers and vibraphone. The tune might be a mix of Synth-Pop, a Rock-Ballad and Reggae, but the lyrics are rasta: “We are eight Billion People and we’re trying to survive”, the first line of the song.

On this release Jon moon is playing all instruments except for the electric guitar (Benjamin Kreisel) himself.
“8 Billion People” was release by “Yutman Records” December 12th, 2018.


The “More Fyah Riddim” is the first riddim-selection presented by the Berlin based label Yutman Records. After the riddim, written by Jon Moon, was first published on his debut album “TRUST.” as “More Fyah“ he forwarded it do different artist to create a compilation. Eleven artists from five different countries have created eight varying versions. The selection was released on all digital platforms February 1st 2019. Contributing artists include: Jahcoustix, Daddy Spencer & Dan I Locks, Jon Moon, Crosby & Zoro, Lutan Fyah & Top Banger, Exile Di Brave, Junior Randy and Danny Ranks.